Our Decorative Options Range

Decorative glass has been used through the ages to imbue windows and doors with beauty, style and elegance. This ancient yet timeless craft hasenjoyed a revival over the last 20 years as modern home owners have discovered its ability to add character, charm and originality to their PVCdoors and windows


Explore our extensive portfolio of designs, ranging from traditional motifs with timeless appeal, to contemporary styles which make a remarkably modern design statement. Let yourself go, get creative and discover the design style that reflectsyour personality with flair and imagination. Our stunning ranges of decorative glass fall into three distinct categories

Colour Designs

Using a beautiful combination of lead profiles and coloured glass effect films, we can create designs that will infuse your home with a palette of delicate colour. Create a charming focus in yourconservatory or add your owndistinctive character to yourdoors and windows

Bevelled Glass

Our elegant range incorporates 5mm glass multi-faceted pieces, clusters and shapes which refract and reflect light to create aconstant interplay of movement. Choose from clear or coloured bevelled glass designs to create windows and doors of distinction

Fusion Elements

Traditional stained glass meets modern design in this modern twist. These glass elements are hand made by fusing molten coloured glass together, creating an eye-catching feature. With an extensive spectrum of sumptuous colours to choose from, we can create designs to suit your style.

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